A new adventure! Won't you join me?

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a do-er by nature.  You know, Hey Diane, can you ____________(fill in the blank)?  Sure, I can!
You need some walls painted?  I can do it.
You need a Bible study leader?  I can do it.
You need what?  When?  Of course, I can handle that!
Are you a do-er like me?  Of course, I can say no, but too often the things I do are things I love and know that I'm reasonably good at, so why not? 
That's where I find myself today...not over committed yet, but on the verge of it.  So many possibilities looking at me right now and all of them are good.  BUT, are they the BEST?
As a sit and ask God for wisdom regarding all of these choices, I hear Him say 'wait on Me for direction'
In other words, it's time to BE quiet, listen and wait for His BEST.
God is asking me to be a BE-er instead of a do-er for awhile longer.
His best is always worth waiting for.
If you find yourself ready to jump into the next 'good' thing that comes along, I encourage you to BE quiet, listen and wait for God to show you His BEST.
Is He asking you to be a be-er or a do-er? Never settle for good when you can have His BEST!!
Queen Dee