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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you Pinterested?

And I would like to add "and all the time that is wasted perusing these pages."

What is happening to us? 
Many of us, myself included, need a wake up call!!  I spend far too much time checking my email, updating my  facebook status (which often is simply mindless ramblings), reading others ramblings, updating my business facebook page, trying to stay connected through networking sites, and now PINTEREST.

Recently, I found this site called EXAMEN.me, which is an amazing site that is designed to help you meditate on scripture with the goal of life obedience, pray with focus and journal God's activity in your life. 

Well, to me, this is about the coolest thing since paper napkins!  I simply get online, the scripture is right there for me to read, a place to journal, questions to reflect on and answer as I feel led. 

This morning as I got out my computer, intent on spending some "God time", I decided to  do a quick check of my email first.  That led to FB, which led to Pinterest and much to my amazement, all of my time was used up.

As I got ready to shower and prepare for church, it really struck me how much time and energy I waste on 'lesser' things.  Does this help me in any way?  Do I help others by engaging in these activities as much as I do?   What does God think about this?  Does He have a facebook page?  (Actually, someone has created one for Him) 

Why do I care who 'follows' me on Pinterest?  Do I care who follows me?  Where am I leading them? All of this pondering has led me to this conviction~We are being followed.    We are examples to those in our sphere of influence.  Our children, our friends, our co-workers, and yes, even those who do not know us personally.  Maybe especially, those who don't know us personally. 

We live in a facebook world.  That is a fact.  What I post and what you post is what people will form their opinions of you based on.  People will go to links that you post, blogs that are written.  They will follow you to see what you 'like' and where you go. 
Above all of that, God sees and knows too.  Is what I am doing and how I'm spending my precious hours on earth causing Him delight?  Is he pleased that I am making a difference in peoples lives?  Is He disappointed that too much time is spent on 'lesser' things? 

Only you can answer these questions for yourself, but as for me, I'm feeling the sting of conviction.

Will you still see me on Facebook?  Yes, I suppose you will.  But my hope and prayer is that it will be for the purpose of making a difference in the lives of those around me.  As for Pinterest...I might need an intervention.
Queen Dee