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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are you Pinterested?

And I would like to add "and all the time that is wasted perusing these pages."

What is happening to us? 
Many of us, myself included, need a wake up call!!  I spend far too much time checking my email, updating my  facebook status (which often is simply mindless ramblings), reading others ramblings, updating my business facebook page, trying to stay connected through networking sites, and now PINTEREST.

Recently, I found this site called EXAMEN.me, which is an amazing site that is designed to help you meditate on scripture with the goal of life obedience, pray with focus and journal God's activity in your life. 

Well, to me, this is about the coolest thing since paper napkins!  I simply get online, the scripture is right there for me to read, a place to journal, questions to reflect on and answer as I feel led. 

This morning as I got out my computer, intent on spending some "God time", I decided to  do a quick check of my email first.  That led to FB, which led to Pinterest and much to my amazement, all of my time was used up.

As I got ready to shower and prepare for church, it really struck me how much time and energy I waste on 'lesser' things.  Does this help me in any way?  Do I help others by engaging in these activities as much as I do?   What does God think about this?  Does He have a facebook page?  (Actually, someone has created one for Him) 

Why do I care who 'follows' me on Pinterest?  Do I care who follows me?  Where am I leading them? All of this pondering has led me to this conviction~We are being followed.    We are examples to those in our sphere of influence.  Our children, our friends, our co-workers, and yes, even those who do not know us personally.  Maybe especially, those who don't know us personally. 

We live in a facebook world.  That is a fact.  What I post and what you post is what people will form their opinions of you based on.  People will go to links that you post, blogs that are written.  They will follow you to see what you 'like' and where you go. 
Above all of that, God sees and knows too.  Is what I am doing and how I'm spending my precious hours on earth causing Him delight?  Is he pleased that I am making a difference in peoples lives?  Is He disappointed that too much time is spent on 'lesser' things? 

Only you can answer these questions for yourself, but as for me, I'm feeling the sting of conviction.

Will you still see me on Facebook?  Yes, I suppose you will.  But my hope and prayer is that it will be for the purpose of making a difference in the lives of those around me.  As for Pinterest...I might need an intervention.
Queen Dee

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lambs and paint

What is going on?  So many people have stopped by our new store(not yet opened) called 'Inspired...A Gathering Place.  It's fun to show them around, share the dream and all of the projects still to come.  What they see are lively colored walls, green and raspberry and purple.  They hear about how 'this is where the coffee bar will be and this is where we hope to have a small kitchen.  This is our someday Secret Garden area and these old chairs are going to be transformed into awesome sittin' chairs! '  I must confess that even as I say these things, I'm not always sure how all of this will happen. 
  One more thing that you need to know is how we have gotten this far and how we will accomplish the rest.  It isn't a nice bank loan or a padded savings account that are doing this.  THIS is a faith walk, from our first conversation with the landlord to where we are currently, trusting that God will bring the rest of our needs to us as we work diligently to make this happen.
  Inspired began just like the name....by inspiration, which I call a "God thing".  Many agree that God works this way, some are sceptical and that's ok.  For me, it was very clear that God had this space in mind for me to use.  Use for what?  To bring women together, to give us a place to share, learn, grow, relax, laugh and encourage one another.
 A friend encouraged me today to share some of my God stories....the way this project is coming together.  It is almost uncanny at times, how when we pray about something specifically, it comes to pass. 
Let me share a quick story about the fabulous colors that are in our store.
A dear friend of mine stopped in the salon one day carrying a cute little stuffed lamb.   She dropped it off and said, 'I saw this, loved the colors and the lamb(Jesus is the lamb of the world) idea is cool.  God told me to buy it for you."   ....ok....what do I do with this wildly colored little fella?  I thanked her, thought, hmmmm...whatever....smiled.   I took the lamb home and set him on my desk.  Ok God, seriously?  What am I supposed to do with this.  Do you really tell people stuff like this?   A few days later I took my little 'friend' to the paint store and put together some paint chips matching the colors of the lamb.  Bright green, raspberry, purple and blue.  Next, I met with another friend who is a designer and she did color placement for the walls.  It is GORGEOUS!!  Would I have ever painted those colors otherwise?? doubtful.  i agonized over what to do with all of those walls.
One of the first comments I hear is about how awesome the wall color is...YAY GOD!
  This is just one short story of many regarding the ways that things and people are coming across our path that I could only dream of.  We have a lot to do yet and many items needed, but I'm having fun just asking God about these things and watching how He is working to bring it to pass.  It just doesn't get much better than this! 
Blessings, Diane

Friday, May 27, 2011

What is Diane up to now?

What in the world is she doing now?

Inspired…a gathering place

What is Inspired…?

Inspired is a new business that will launch in the fall of 2011, specifically designed for women, by women. Our purpose is to create a space for women to gather, share a cup of coffee, shop in our unique boutique filled with 'inspired' items from local crafts persons/artists. Inspired also offers a 'gathering room' which can be used for everything from your local bridge club meeting to book clubs to events. We will also sponsor various speakers, classes, weight loss groups, and so much more."

Over the years, I have met so many talented women, who have been unable to fully share their talents/experiences/business opportunities/etc. with other women. Our desire at Inspired is to create that ‘go to’ place where you can browse through an entire album of entrepreneurial women with whom you can
connect/share ideas/services/socialize/create and be inspired

What will be located within Inspired…a gathering place?

~A coffee café~

owned and operated by a local independent business woman.

Here you can sit and relax with your friends,

Browse our take one, leave one book shelf,

Enjoy our free WIFI

~Unique Boutique~

Filled with treasures made by local artists/crafts persons,

A place to enjoy/shop/support other ‘inspired’ women

~Gathering Room~

A large room (accommodates up to 25)

Private Space for Rent

Classes offered

Design classes for us to promote for you

Kitchen area for your use

Future catering for your event

~Quiet Space~

A small private corner, tucked away where you are free to read, pray, think, study or just ‘be’

~Onsite Massage Therapy~

Privately owned~Soularium Massage is located within Inspired…a gathering place

~Future Dreams~

We have a large outdoor space where we dream of a secret garden

Where time stands still and you simply can ‘be


If you have questions, are interested in displaying your work, would like to use our space for your meeting/class or would like more information about how to utilize this space for networking/advertising…call Diane 616-403-0585

Find us on Facebook at Inspired, A Gathering Place

650 Riley St. Ste. A

Holland, MI 49424

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mountain Climbing...My newest venture

I just love to dream!  Possibilites abound in my mind's eye.  Nothing is too big, no idea is too grand, no limits!!
Then I hit reality...
How can I, a very ordinary woman with limited financial resources pull off a dream that to me is as big of a mountain as Mt. Everest!!   I am no mountain climber, or am I?  My knowlege of mountain climbing is extremely limited, but I'm guessing that it isn't the wisest thing to climb alone.  Thus, I too, need partners to journey with me in this venture.  For those of you who are not aware of my business venture, let me give you brief discription of what I know thus far.
 I have learned that when God is in something, He doesn't always reveal the full picture.  He just asks us to join Him in the venture and each day brings another piece to the puzzle.  Some time ago I just felt this nudge, this inspiration, if you will, to design a space where women could meet, share their passions and talents, have a quiet space, gather, laugh, etc. etc.  Nothing defined and certainly no business plan!! Just an idea.
It becomes clearer and clearer as I meet and talk with friends, acquaintances, and others that just 'happen' to land in my path. 
I have a space for this business now and will soon sign a lease for this yet, fully established 'idea' of mine.
If I didn't have total faith in what God is doing through me, for my fabulous female friends, I would NEVER venture down this road.  Remember, I do hair!
Here is glimpse of what I see down the road, still to be clarified more fully(Hurry Up God) Oh yes, timing is everything, right?
Inspired...A Gathering Place
is designed by divine inspiration as a place for women to gather, to share a cup of coffee in our cafe, to browse & shop in a cozy boutique, where we feature many items created by local crafters and artists.  We also provide a larger 'gathering' space for meetings, classes, events(both private and sponsored)
Our gathering place is  designed to give you the perfect place for your group to relax, share in a private setting, hold classes, events, etc.  We give you the opportunity to provide your own refreshments or let us take care of the details for you.
As much as possible, everything that we do, sell and offer to make Inspired...a pleasurable experience, comes through local 'inspired' women, entrepenuers, so that you are supporting women who have a true passion for what they do.
We offer a great book shelf, our TAKE ONE, LEAVE ONE shelf, so we can share with one another some great reading opportunites without making a purchase.  When our large gathering place is not in use, you will find a nice little corner for your own personal  time out.  Whether used for reading, praying, meditating, or just being, it is offered at no charge, so you can re-charge.
It is truly my belief that women need a 'sacred' space, where conversation flows freely, creativity can flourish, a sharing of passions can be realized and time stands still.

Now, the only piece missing is YOU!  All of these ideas need women, creative women to fill some of these roles.  I'm asking that you consider this dream and if it 'catches' you, please send me a note via FB and share your thoughts.  I am looking for truly 'inspired' women, who genuinely sense a desire to invest their time and talents in serving and sharing with other women.  You know who you are and in the next months the process of sorting these special women out will be happening.  Again, that is in God's great timing and His plans.  I must say, having Him as CEO sure makes this process exciting and full of surprises!!! Now, back to mountain climbing, my favorite sport!! Blessings, Diane

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Time is NOW

 My passion is to encourage women to be more, to see themselves through God's eyes, to dream big, to believe in themselves, to see their true beauty and talents, not the beauty that society claims we must have to be successful and loved.
 Much of this passion has been fueled by my work behind the salon chair.  Talking with women on a daily basis and being privy to some of their deepest thoughts has taught me much over the years regarding the true mind and heart of women.  For many years I also served in various ministry capacities, often finding myself around tables with women, sharing our hearts, beliefs, dreams, our fears and failures. 
 Now, as I move into yet another phase of life, I find this passion moving in new directions as well.  So many women that I have encountered are so incredibly gifted and yet have often been frustrated by lack of an outlet for their creativity and talents.  My dream, I believe, is truly inspired directly from God's throne, to create a space where women can gather, express themselves, encourage one another and so much more.
 For months now, I have been dreaming about this space, making notes, praying, processing and brainstorming with a few friends.  The only issues ...what space and considering that finances are tight in this economy, how on earth could I pull it off?
 But, I also know that if God is in a project and gave me the ideas, certainly He has the resources at His disposal to make this happen, right?
 Last month, a space opened up in the little strip mall where I work as a hairdresser. Not only A space, but THE space right next door to the salon.  Hmmmmm, was this a sign?
I inquired with the landlord and not only will I be renting this space, he's creating a VERY SWEET deal to get this idea going!!  Can I get an AMEN??
 So, what is this space about, you ask?
Here's a glimpse with more details to come~
Inspired...A gathering place for women

will be a place where women can gather for a cup of coffee/tea/beverage in our cafe
or browse our selection of boutique items, many designed by inspired area craftswomen.
There will also be a 'gathering room' to be used for many purposes.
Just a few ideas:
book clubs
Bible studies
Private parties and craft events
along with special class offerings from Inspired, including special speakers on topics of interest to women
The whole idea of this space is not to own a business, but to have a business that other women take ownership of, share their ideas, get inspired and inspire one another.
Stay posted for so much more as this adventure continues...Blessings, Diane