A new adventure! Won't you join me?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mountain Climbing...My newest venture

I just love to dream!  Possibilites abound in my mind's eye.  Nothing is too big, no idea is too grand, no limits!!
Then I hit reality...
How can I, a very ordinary woman with limited financial resources pull off a dream that to me is as big of a mountain as Mt. Everest!!   I am no mountain climber, or am I?  My knowlege of mountain climbing is extremely limited, but I'm guessing that it isn't the wisest thing to climb alone.  Thus, I too, need partners to journey with me in this venture.  For those of you who are not aware of my business venture, let me give you brief discription of what I know thus far.
 I have learned that when God is in something, He doesn't always reveal the full picture.  He just asks us to join Him in the venture and each day brings another piece to the puzzle.  Some time ago I just felt this nudge, this inspiration, if you will, to design a space where women could meet, share their passions and talents, have a quiet space, gather, laugh, etc. etc.  Nothing defined and certainly no business plan!! Just an idea.
It becomes clearer and clearer as I meet and talk with friends, acquaintances, and others that just 'happen' to land in my path. 
I have a space for this business now and will soon sign a lease for this yet, fully established 'idea' of mine.
If I didn't have total faith in what God is doing through me, for my fabulous female friends, I would NEVER venture down this road.  Remember, I do hair!
Here is glimpse of what I see down the road, still to be clarified more fully(Hurry Up God) Oh yes, timing is everything, right?
Inspired...A Gathering Place
is designed by divine inspiration as a place for women to gather, to share a cup of coffee in our cafe, to browse & shop in a cozy boutique, where we feature many items created by local crafters and artists.  We also provide a larger 'gathering' space for meetings, classes, events(both private and sponsored)
Our gathering place is  designed to give you the perfect place for your group to relax, share in a private setting, hold classes, events, etc.  We give you the opportunity to provide your own refreshments or let us take care of the details for you.
As much as possible, everything that we do, sell and offer to make Inspired...a pleasurable experience, comes through local 'inspired' women, entrepenuers, so that you are supporting women who have a true passion for what they do.
We offer a great book shelf, our TAKE ONE, LEAVE ONE shelf, so we can share with one another some great reading opportunites without making a purchase.  When our large gathering place is not in use, you will find a nice little corner for your own personal  time out.  Whether used for reading, praying, meditating, or just being, it is offered at no charge, so you can re-charge.
It is truly my belief that women need a 'sacred' space, where conversation flows freely, creativity can flourish, a sharing of passions can be realized and time stands still.

Now, the only piece missing is YOU!  All of these ideas need women, creative women to fill some of these roles.  I'm asking that you consider this dream and if it 'catches' you, please send me a note via FB and share your thoughts.  I am looking for truly 'inspired' women, who genuinely sense a desire to invest their time and talents in serving and sharing with other women.  You know who you are and in the next months the process of sorting these special women out will be happening.  Again, that is in God's great timing and His plans.  I must say, having Him as CEO sure makes this process exciting and full of surprises!!! Now, back to mountain climbing, my favorite sport!! Blessings, Diane