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Friday, May 27, 2011

What is Diane up to now?

What in the world is she doing now?

Inspired…a gathering place

What is Inspired…?

Inspired is a new business that will launch in the fall of 2011, specifically designed for women, by women. Our purpose is to create a space for women to gather, share a cup of coffee, shop in our unique boutique filled with 'inspired' items from local crafts persons/artists. Inspired also offers a 'gathering room' which can be used for everything from your local bridge club meeting to book clubs to events. We will also sponsor various speakers, classes, weight loss groups, and so much more."

Over the years, I have met so many talented women, who have been unable to fully share their talents/experiences/business opportunities/etc. with other women. Our desire at Inspired is to create that ‘go to’ place where you can browse through an entire album of entrepreneurial women with whom you can
connect/share ideas/services/socialize/create and be inspired

What will be located within Inspired…a gathering place?

~A coffee café~

owned and operated by a local independent business woman.

Here you can sit and relax with your friends,

Browse our take one, leave one book shelf,

Enjoy our free WIFI

~Unique Boutique~

Filled with treasures made by local artists/crafts persons,

A place to enjoy/shop/support other ‘inspired’ women

~Gathering Room~

A large room (accommodates up to 25)

Private Space for Rent

Classes offered

Design classes for us to promote for you

Kitchen area for your use

Future catering for your event

~Quiet Space~

A small private corner, tucked away where you are free to read, pray, think, study or just ‘be’

~Onsite Massage Therapy~

Privately owned~Soularium Massage is located within Inspired…a gathering place

~Future Dreams~

We have a large outdoor space where we dream of a secret garden

Where time stands still and you simply can ‘be


If you have questions, are interested in displaying your work, would like to use our space for your meeting/class or would like more information about how to utilize this space for networking/advertising…call Diane 616-403-0585

Find us on Facebook at Inspired, A Gathering Place

650 Riley St. Ste. A

Holland, MI 49424