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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Time is NOW

 My passion is to encourage women to be more, to see themselves through God's eyes, to dream big, to believe in themselves, to see their true beauty and talents, not the beauty that society claims we must have to be successful and loved.
 Much of this passion has been fueled by my work behind the salon chair.  Talking with women on a daily basis and being privy to some of their deepest thoughts has taught me much over the years regarding the true mind and heart of women.  For many years I also served in various ministry capacities, often finding myself around tables with women, sharing our hearts, beliefs, dreams, our fears and failures. 
 Now, as I move into yet another phase of life, I find this passion moving in new directions as well.  So many women that I have encountered are so incredibly gifted and yet have often been frustrated by lack of an outlet for their creativity and talents.  My dream, I believe, is truly inspired directly from God's throne, to create a space where women can gather, express themselves, encourage one another and so much more.
 For months now, I have been dreaming about this space, making notes, praying, processing and brainstorming with a few friends.  The only issues ...what space and considering that finances are tight in this economy, how on earth could I pull it off?
 But, I also know that if God is in a project and gave me the ideas, certainly He has the resources at His disposal to make this happen, right?
 Last month, a space opened up in the little strip mall where I work as a hairdresser. Not only A space, but THE space right next door to the salon.  Hmmmmm, was this a sign?
I inquired with the landlord and not only will I be renting this space, he's creating a VERY SWEET deal to get this idea going!!  Can I get an AMEN??
 So, what is this space about, you ask?
Here's a glimpse with more details to come~
Inspired...A gathering place for women

will be a place where women can gather for a cup of coffee/tea/beverage in our cafe
or browse our selection of boutique items, many designed by inspired area craftswomen.
There will also be a 'gathering room' to be used for many purposes.
Just a few ideas:
book clubs
Bible studies
Private parties and craft events
along with special class offerings from Inspired, including special speakers on topics of interest to women
The whole idea of this space is not to own a business, but to have a business that other women take ownership of, share their ideas, get inspired and inspire one another.
Stay posted for so much more as this adventure continues...Blessings, Diane