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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am tired, worn out, weary, need a vacation, done, shot, over it, tired...
Ever feel like that?  Ever NOT feel like that?
Being worn out sometimes becomes a way of life for me.  Racing from this meeting to one job, to my other job, home, dinner, running errands, on and on and on.  It creates stress just typing it out!!
How do we escape that kind of stress?
I guess the simple answer is...Calgon, take me away!!!!!!!
Honestly, if it were that simple, we'd all be soaking in the tub, a lot!! But who has time?
The best way I know to find some relief from all of that craziness is to just schedule one more thing into my planner.  Yes, one more thing. 
When my life is just going too fast and I can't keep up with myself, I sit down, look at the calendar and plan a date with God.  Now, He gets a snippet of my time each day already. Just enough to take my list of needs, wants, and have to haves.  He listens to my thank-yous and all too often, token praise.
But honestly, this isn't always the quality time He desires and I desperately need.
So, when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, like I do today, it's time to look at the calendar and schedule, yes, schedule a date with my Daddy.
Let's see, next week Wednesday is open!!  After working 6 days a week for quite awhile now, I have a Wednesday free!!! 
Dear Father, Would you be interested in hanging out with me next Wed.?  I mean, spend a few hours together, maybe take a walk and talk to me?  You're in my planner and I promise I won't forget.
Thank You for peeling me off the ceiling and giving me some of Your time.  I look forward to it with great anticipation and know that I'll be more focused, energized and ready to serve again after spending time with You. 
Your daughter,
p.s.I have a lot of friends that need some of Your time too.  Could You nudge them just a little to get out their planners and ask You for a date?  I'm more than willing to share You!! queenofquite_alot@yahoo.com

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