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Friday, October 1, 2010

Crime fighting

Heres' how it all went down...First, I need to admit I'm not a hero:o(  A young woman came into Yeta's just before I was closing and asked for a shopping bag.  Typically, not a request that we get, unless of course someone has made a purchase.  She appeared to be carrying a jacket or something, and her hands were full, so I figured I'd help her out and close up.  She left and I received a phone call from Gazelle across the street saying that we should be aware of shoplifters downtown.  I hang up, start to walk across the hall to let the gals at Merle Norman know, and there lies a bracelet, tags still on, from yet another store, in the hall.  As my mind realizes that this was probably the shop lifter and I may have just given that little thief a bag for her goods, I race over to tell them and there she is....shopping in the makeup store!!  Fortunately, a salesperson from the store the bracelet had come from was just done working, visiting at Merle's and I got her alone and told her.  We raced back to Yeta's, the other two get the message, detain the thief and we call 911.  Never underestimate women!  Those gals at Merle's not only showed her lipstick and eyeshadows, they tried them on her and even booked her a facial for next week, hoping to get a name and phone number.  (Which they did, but probably fake) I'm assuming she won't keep the appointment either.
Now, I have to tell you that we could have run down to the police station, found a cop, ran back TWICE, in the time it took to finally see one of Holland's finest on the scene.
Before an officer ever arrived the girl left and continued walking down 8th Street.  We attempted to watch and follow at a distance and then it happened.  Apparently she had stolen a dress from a store about 5 down from us.  Apparently she also wasn't so smart, because she had changed into this dress and then paraded right past the store she stole it from....HELLO!!   Bless the owners heart, she went outside, very diplomatically and asked for payment for the dress.  Of course, the thief has no money, but says she is willing to take it off and give it back.  They get her into the store and FINALLY, an officer arrives.  We are standing outside our stores, watching with baited breath, and then running down to the scene of the crime.  Here is what we found when we entered the store.  The owner screaming that the policeman was getting the crap beat out of him, another officer arriving and pouncing on this girl, as she was screaming(and I mean screaming, kicking, cussing) at them.  It took two of them to hold down this chick, who weighed no more thatn 110 lbs.  She was one lean, mean fighting machine.  They actually threatened her with a tazer to get her to shut up. I think I would have yanked on her hair, slapped her face and told her to knock it off, but then I'd go to jail too.  I sure wanted to though!!! She was crazy!!It seems that she got some good kicks to the head of the first officer before his back up arrived.  She had some mean looking boots on, I noticed them earlier(actually I was coveting them) Later found out they were brand new and stolen too!!
Finally, she was removed from the scene and carted off.  As the officer went through her purse(which was huge) he found items from more than 5 stores.  The bracelets and bangles she wore were identified as coming from a boutique, but the tags were gone, so went the proof.  It was an exciting night and I'll bet that officer will have one dozey of a headache.  He may have an ache in his pride too.
So, you see, all I did was find a bracelet, put two and two together, got my crime fighting sisters with me and we had the time of our lives. 
And the only thing she got from Yeta's was the bag!

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