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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Down On Your Luck?

Last week I received a text from my husband asking me to pray for a veteran that he has been working with.
You see, Jim has the job of Veterans Services for the State of Mi.  This particular vet had been seeking employment for many months.  He's an older fellow, lost or sold about anything to keep food on the table.  He was extremely discouraged and sat at Jim's desk often, just looking for a little encouragement.
As time passed, the two struck up a friendship of sorts and Jim had the opportunity to share his faith with this man.  He felt that although Jim's faith was fine, he wasn't so sure it was his 'thing', although he did appreciate Jim's offers of prayer.
Back to the text: 'please pray for my friend John, he's thinking of ending his life. I hope I changed his mind.'
Apparently, Jim had told him to find a quiet place, take a walk on the beach,whatever and give it all up to God.  The man left very broken and Jim felt the same.
Jim came home, very discouraged and we prayed.  It is so hard when someones needs are so real and all you can do is pray.  That sounds wrong, even to me, to say 'all' we can do is pray.  That should be the most powerful thing we can do.  But he has material needs that we can't fill. It can be such a powerless feeling.
Well, we've continued to pray for this man and just the fact that Jim didn't receive a phone call that he was deceased has been considered good news.
So, today, God showed up in a BIG way!!  Jim's phone rang and it was John.  He was brimming with excitement as he told Jim he got a job!!  And a good job!! He was so thrilled and couldn't thank Jim enough for all of his encouragement and sticking with him.
To see my husband with tears of joy running down his face over this man and his good news, once again reminded me that God is in control, He always shows up right on time, and as in John's life, It's often darkest just before the dawn.  Never give up, on God, on yourself or on those around you.  You never when God is going to show up!
Psalm 41:1,2 "Dignify those who are down on their luck; you'll feel good-that's what God does. God looks after us all, makes us robust with life-" the MSG Bible
Blessings, Queen Dee

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